"My Happy Day - School" Learning System

"My Happy Day - School" is an interactive, comprehensive computer learning system for children ages from 4 to 7. It covers most of the skills needed from PreK to 1st Grade. The interactive multimedia features of the system increases children's interest in learning and prepares them to be ready for the next level of schooling. This system meets the standards of "School Readiness" and "Early Success In School".

This learning system provides a personal and friendly learning environment, to help children coping with the challenges in classrooms. It encourages children to interact with their peers, teachers and parents both at school and home. The system creates a virtual character, a girl named Emily, who accompanies children learning and playing in her virtual school and home. The system divides learning components into different levels by following the times of a day, from breakfast to morning classrooms, from lunch to nap time, from afternoon playground to night time stories. With the time progresses, the levels of learning increases.

Different from other computer learning games, this system is comprehensive. It collects most of the skills needed for the age group. Such as: letters, numbers, phonics, vocabulary, reading and writing, spelling, basic math concept, counting, addition and subtraction, colors, shapes, observations, critical thinking. logic, and social skills, etc. There are more than 500 multimedia interactive games and activities in the system.


This learning system has features to monitor children's learning progress and to identify/assess their achievements. It provides progress reports for teachers to manage the classes, administrators to track the records, and parents to stay in touch with their children's learning progress. The reports can be printed.

This learning system has bilingual/dual languages capability, and it can be instantly switched between English and another language of choice. It is an ideal tool for ESOL.

With an on screen instant “Help” function, it is very easy to navigate throughout this system. It is easy for teachers and parents to select a particular topics for their children. Colorful pictures, animations, multimedia interactions and vivid stories make the learning an enjoyable experience, which tops "My Happy Day - School" from other educational software in this industry.
  My Happy Day - School is a great supplemental learning tool for children preK to 1st grade in classrooms, public places and homes. It is recommended by many educational experts, teachers and parents.