Installation Guide

Stove (Kitchen Set), Item#: 10073 (click to see large pictures)


tools recommended

install the knobs in the center of the black circles. Make sure do not screw the screws too tight, to let the knobs turn around.

put the glue in the holes for the wood dowels

push in the wood dowels by hand

put glue in holes for wood dowels and push them together

use the 2" screws to secure the boards from the back side

you may use hand drill or wrench for this

put glue in the holes at the ends of the two shelf boards

Hammer the wood dowels in the holes


Warning: Make sure to hammer the wood dowels all the way into the boards, (leaving about 3/8” out), to avoid damaging other boards.


Learningground is not liable if the installer misses this step.


choose the board that has two holes on each side, and put glue in the two holes

glue and put wood dowels on the two toe-kick boards

hand push the toe-kick boards into the board

make sure the toe-kick without logo on the side of the slot

make sure the toe-kick with logo on the side that does not face the slot

install the magnet with the 3/4" screws on the other board

put the glue in one of the side boards (with hinges)

Warning: never hammer wood dowels directly on side boards, to avoid damaging the board from other side.

place the shelf board with magnet on the side board

make sure the rough side is towards the slot

place the Bottom shelf board with toe-kicks on the side board

make sure the logo side faces the hinge side

put other side board on top. don't forget to use glue

hand push in or use mullet

secure the board with 2" screws

flip the furniture to the other side and secure it with 2" screws


slide the back board in


glue and put the wood dowels at the top end of the side boards

hammer them in all the way and leave about 4/1" put

install the top stove board

secure it with black sues under the board

fasten the screws with a small screw driver

lay the furniture on the side, over the edge of a table

lineup the door with the hinge and crew all the small screws in.

take one of the metal plats from the magnet

fasten the metal plat for magnet with a small screw close to the edge of the door (inside)

test the door to make sure it lineup perfectly with the magnet. make some adjustments if needed.

turn the furniture the other way

install the other door with small screws

fasten the metal plat with a small screw close to the edge of the door (inside)

adjust the doors to make sure it fits perfectly

Secure the backboard with small screws