All children are our partners.
  We are the classmates of children. By understanding the interests of children, we are able to create the right content for their interests. Kids like to play, so we deliver knowledge through play.
All school teachers and administrators are our partners.
  We are colleagues of teachers and administrators. By researching and interacting with classrooms, we use latest technology and methods to develop advanced teaching and management tools for schools.
All parents are our partners.
  We listener to parents' concerns. Our materials are always ethical and educational. We do our best to develop most comprehensive and high quality materials for parenting and after-school activities.
All individuals interested in learning are our partners.
  We are friends of everyone who wants to learn. We establish a life long relationship with individuals who value education as means for success. Through this relationship, we provide and exchange knowledge in any settings for self-learning.
All organizations involved in fostering education are our partners.
  We are the loyal messengers and policy executioners of any local and government educational organizations. We do our best to support any activities fostering education, including fund-raising, PTA activities and events, etc.
All Corporations engaged in educational products and services are our partners.
  We are the assistants of any companies involved in educational products or services. Our strengths are advanced technology, a large pool of talent, lower cost of production, efficient management, and most of all, eagerness to serve others. Let us do the work while our partners enjoy the outcome. We believe, with this partnership, we can assist our partners to cut cost, improve efficiency, and deliver better products.